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As far as now is concerned, about 33% of the UK’s gas came from the UK, while the remaining gas came from European lines fed by Norway and other European countries, as well as LNG tankers.

No that is no hoax. UK’s electricity is generated from fossil fuels, nuclear, renewable and imported energy. Renewables produce more than 25-30% of the UK’s electricity and many negotiating companies like us value working with the Renewable energy companies.


Check your latest energy bill for the name of your gas or electricity supplier. If you’ve just moved or don’t have a bill, visit our site and call our customer care we will guide you to find out who is your energy supplier?”


With a dual fuel plan we help you get your gas and electricity from the same energy supplier company. This usually saves your bill than a hooked up with in long plans with different suppliers. We meticulously take care of the discounts and low rates for dual fuel plans for a super-smart savings on behalf of your Business.


Economy 7 the meter that tracks your electricity usage separately for day and night, and the tariff, which charges different rates for the day and night usage It is called Economy 7 because for 7 hours each night you will be charged with less for the electricity usage. If your meter was installed by British Gas, the night time tariff runs with much less rate from 00:00-07:00 GMT/winter months and 01:00-08:00 BST/summer months.

Read more about economy 7 by talking to our customer executive.


Green energy is electricity or gas engineered from renewable sources from Mother Nature like hydro energy, wind energy, solar energy and biomass. And the whole mechanism of producing energy is more environment friendly and futuristic too for a better tomorrow.


Energy Bill Cut calculates on the basis of how many units of energy you consume on an average.

When the energy company read your meter they take the amount shown on the previous meter to the most recent one to work out your bill.

If your meter isn’t measured by reading then probably you will be having an estimated bill depending on your past use or a standard rate. There might me a chance of price trickery then comes the role of experts like us.

Units of electricity are measured in kilowatt hours. This is shown on your electricity meter .

Gas meters measure the volume of gas you used in cubic feet or cubic meters. The gas companies convert this into kilowatt hours. The price charged for each unit of energy varies according to what pricing plan or tariff you are on.


Your gas and electricity bills should give:

  • your last meter reading (either estimated or based on your submission)
  • the amount of electricity or gas you’ve used in the billing period as well as an annual consumption
  • VAT charges
  • price per kWh
  • your plan name
  • your meter numbers

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